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Uaxactún & Tikal Adventure


3 days


Uaxactún camp is a unique experience for those who appreciate the road less travelled. Among the many charms of this tented camp, first and foremost is its remoteness. You won’t find hordes of tourists here. In fact, even at capacity, you’ll only have to share the nearby wonders with a handful of other like-minded adventurers.

The ruins of Uaxactún are right next door to the camp. So, you can explore in the early hours before the day heats up. And in the evening, enjoy dinner under the stars at the base of the candlelit temple.

While the ruins are the main drawcard, one of the most enjoyable parts of this experience is the interaction with the adjacent Maya village. Share a traditional meal with a local family and learn about the importance of natural gum, allspice, and xate to the local economy. Or maybe just join a fútbol game against local kids (but be warned – you will lose!).

The Uaxactún camp is extremely comfortable but not luxurious. This is the jungle after all. So, while your tent feels like a private oasis in the middle of the forest, you need to be prepared for shared bathrooms and unheated water in the showers. But let’s be honest! Anyone who has ever spent a steamy day in the jungle can tell you a hot shower is the last thing you need!

If you’d like to know more about this unique experience please give us a call and one of our expert Travel Specialists can talk you through it in more detail. Check this fun fact and learn about the connection between Star Wars and Tikal.


  • Enjoy an exclusive experience in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle
  • Explore Uaxactun, an ancient observatory who’s temples align perfectly with the sun on key dates of the calendar
  • Get to know the local Maya people – share their food, hear their stories and learn about their traditions
  • Of course you’ll also visit the region’s most famous attraction, the ruins of Tikal
  • Fall alseep to the sounds of the jungle awakening – there’s nothing like it.
  • Enjoy rustic comfort in your ample raised tent.
  • A highlight is a special dinner under the stars, served at the base of a candlelit temple. An unforgettable experience


Day 1 Flores/Tikal

It’s one thing to visit Guatemala’s stunning ruins, but wait until you spend the night at one, in particular Uaxactún, one the longest-occupied Mayan cities. After your night-time arrival at Uaxactún from Flores, you’ll drop your belongings in your tent at the campsite near the jungle-shrouded temples. But don’t even think about settling into your bed yet! First you’ll set out along jungle trails in search of nocturnal wildlife, such as owls, opossums, and spooky-looking insects. Uaxactún’s many structures include an elaborate, thoroughly accurate astronomical cluster, where you’ll gaze up at a twinkling blanket of stars and luxuriate in the jungle mystique.

Day 2 Tikal

In the morning, you’ll embark on a guided tour of the Uaxactún ruins, stopping at partially restored temples that align perfectly with the sun on key dates of the calendar. In the village, you’ll learn about the natural gum, allspice, and xate (exported globally for floral arrangements) that locals collect. For lunch, you’ll savour a traditional dish prepared with locally sourced ingredients. You can rest or explore at your leisure in the afternoon. At dusk, you’ll climb a lookout tower for sunset drinks, followed by a delicious, locally made dinner before another overnight in the jungle camp.

Day 3 Tikal

The next day starts with breakfast and a last look around this fascinating place. A 45-minute ride through the deep jungle will take you to Tikal National Park, where some 3,000 ancient structures rise from the rainforest floor. You will enter Tikal through the forest, an area most visitors never get to see. Not only will you enjoy a fascinating tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, but you’ll also experience the sights and sounds of tropical birds and animals, including howler and spider monkeys. Following in the footsteps of Maya royalty and commoners, you will visit the majestic Great Plaza and its Temple of the Jaguar (44 metres/ 144 feet), Temple of the Masks (38m / 125ft), the Acropolis, and much more.
After lunch you will be transferred to Flores Airport for your flight back to Guatemala City. Alternatively, why not travel across the border into neighbouring Belize?


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