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Stays of Distinction

Treehouse Lodge

Amazon, Peru

4 days


Imagine sleeping in your own private treehouse in the middle of the Amazon jungle! Where you awake perched high in a native tree and nestled among the forest canopy. And perhaps experience your first wildlife sighting of the day, before you’ve even gotten out of bed! Maybe a sleepy sloth or a playful toucan?

The Treehouse Lodge is located on the edge of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve near Iquitos. This is Peru’s northern gateway to the Amazon Basin, accessible only by air or by river. And since the lodge is only around 2.5 hours from Iquitos, you can leave the hustle and bustle of Lima in the morning and be surrounded by pristine rainforest by lunch time!

There are 12 unique treehouses to choose from – from romantic and secluded to more family-friendly options. And they range from 10 to 20 metres off the ground. So, if you’re more comfortable with your feet on the ground (or near it, at least), ask us for one of the lower treehouses.

Excursions at The Treehouse Lodge include jungle hikes, canoe rides, canopy walks and visits to native villages – all accompanied by your expert local guide. Why not kick off your stay with a sunset river cruise and swim with the famous pink river dolphins? This is a magical way to begin your Amazon adventure.

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  • Swim with the prehistoric looking Pink River Dolphins
  • Fish for piranha (and maybe even try one!)
  • More than five species of monkey can be seen in the area
  • Colourful birdlife including toucan, macaw, parrots and more
  • Learn about the medicinal properties of native plants and tap into the knowledge of expert local guides
  • Hike jungle trails, ride in dugout canoes and go caiman spotting on exciting nighttime excursions.


Day 1 Iquitos

On arrival in Iquitos you will be met by Treehouse Lodge staff. Your journey to the lodge will consists of a car ride for about one hour. After which, you’ll will make a quick pit stop and transfer to the Treehouse river boat. You’ll ride another one and a quarter hours, first down the Marañón River, across the Amazon River, and then up the Ucayali River before connecting to the Yarapa River where Treehouse Lodge sits.
This afternoon depart on a Sunset on the Amazon with the Dolphins- this excursion is the perfect kick-off to an incredible time in the Peruvian Amazon. Just before dusk you will boat along the Yarapa and Ucayali rivers until you reach the Amazon River. The world famous Pink and Gray River Dolphins will start to appear near your boat while the sunset gives the perfect backdrop. Take a moment to breath the freshest air on the planet. Listen to the sounds of the Amazon as you start to welcome nightfall. Just after sunset you will head back to the Lodge and prepare for an evening and night of Amazonian adventures.

Day 2 Iquitos

Full day to choose from the many excursions offered by the lodge. We suggest a daytime Jungle Cruise- embark on an adventurous boat ride through the tributaries of the Amazon. You will see abundant wildlife and nature in all of its glory while searching for the Amazon River’s specialties such as Blue and Yellow Macaws, Wattled Jacanas, Trogons, Black Collared Hawk, Oropendolas, Yellow-Headed Cara Cara, and Tanagers, among others. Your guide will also help you spot sloths and monkeys in the trees above you as you cruise around the Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers.
This afternoon go Piranha fishing- this will be one of the great adventures you have while visiting Treehouse Lodge. Travel by boat to one of the many great piranha fishing spots in the area. Armed with a wooden pole, string, hook, and meat, you will lower the bait into the water. When the piranhas strike (and they will!), simply life up the pole. Don’t worry, we will retrieve the fish for you. We have yet to have a guest that hasn’t succeeded. Once you’re done you can choose to catch-and-release, or, if you prefer, the chefs at Treehouse Lodge will prepare the piranha as a side dish to your nightly meal.

Day 3 Iquitos

Another full day to explore the Amazon. We suggest the Treehouse Canopy Walk- featured by National Geographic as one of the Top 10 Most Unusual Hotels in the World, Treehouse offers the incomparable experience of observing the Amazon rain forest from the treetop canopies. On this excursion you will explore all of the canopy walkways and viewing platforms that dot the are of the Lodge. Learn about the history and architecture of the lodge while you observe wildlife from 30 – 70 feet above the jungle floor.
Tonight go Caiman Spotting- depart Treehouse on a motorised canoe along the Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers. Caimans live near rivers and other bodies of water. Most caimans are around six or seven feet long, but the largest species, the black Caiman, can grow to a length of 15 feet. The young caiman are much smaller and easier to find. While the Caiman is hypnotised by the bright light, your canoe will slowly approach it until your guide is close enough to attempt to catch it with his bare hands and actually lift it out of the water for all to see. After closer viewing, the young Caiman will be returned, unharmed, to the water. After the thrill of this incredible hunt in the dark you will transfer back to Treehouse Lodge.

Day 4 Iquitos

After an early breakfast you will be transferred back to Iquitos for your onward flight.


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