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Puma Tracking Safari in Torres del Paine

Chile, Patagonia

6 days

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One of the most impressive, yet elusive and hard to spot animals in Patagonia is the Puma. This is the world’s largest mountain lion and the largest native mammal in the region. Those who have the opportunity to witness this large cat in the wild are treated to an experience that rivals any Big-Cat Safari around the world.

The months of May-August are the best times of the year to see Pumas during your Puma Tracking Safari in Torres del Paine. The Parks are uncrowded, and the main prey of the Puma (the Guanaco) concentrates on a specific part of the Park, thereby concentrating the Puma population as well in this area. Our Puma-tracking safaris are designed to put you face to face with this magnificent cat.

This suggested itinerary allows you to choose from a 5 or 6-day Patagonia safari. You can also choose your accommodation according to your budget and liking. And what’s more, you can choose whether to have your own personal guide or have a self-guided safari.

Self-Drive tour vs Guided tour:

On a Self-Drive tour, you are in complete control of your adventure as you drive around the National Parks. Enjoy the maximum freedom of a self-drive experience, while relying on the 24/7 support of our Patagonia staff and the state of the art navigation equipment we provide. This equipment includes a GARMIN GPS navigation system, a full interactive itinerary and expedition manual, a GPS tracker and a Satellite phone.

On a Guided Puma Tracking tour, you drive around the National Parks accompanied by a tour guide in your vehicle who can also assist driving. Your guide is there to treat you to an amazing puma-tracking experience and to make sure every moment of your adventure is fun, safe and memorable. Guided tours add a little bit of additional pampering, as our expert guides show you around the National parks while taking care of all the details of your trip.


  • Our itineraries take you off-the beaten path, to places few travelers get to see.
  • The best of Southern Patagonia, in privacy, complete freedom and away from the crowds.
  • Your Overland Safari gives you access to the most amazing adventures in Southern Patagonia.
  • Professionals who make the difference between a good and an exceptional Patagonia adventure.
  • The properties where you will stay in Southern Patagonia are some of the best in all of South America.


  • Roundtrip private transfers in Patagonia to/from Airport/Hotel
  • All lodging and meals as specified on itinerary (in the hotel category of your choice)
  • Open Bar (Excluding Premium Beverages), daily Spa use (where available) and Wifi Services at certain properties as detailed on itinerary
  • All activities inside the National Parks as detailed on the itinerary
  • Services of professional Guide and Puma Tracker
  • Entrance fees to Torres del Paine National Park and to the Puma Tracking Private lands
  • Use of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited vehicle or similar with onboard navigation equipment
  • Fuel in Chile (unlimited mileage)
  • Unlimited satellite phone use with staff + 10 Free minutes for personal use
  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance, including 3rd party liability insurance
  • 24/7 Support


Day 1 Punta Arenas/Torres del Paine

Fly this morning from Santiago, Chile to Punta Arenas in Southern Patagonia. Meet & greet your guide and driver at the airport and transfer to your hotel in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. Upon arrival at your hotel, your guide will brief you about the following days activities, weather and how to make the best out of the situation with the animals in any given moment. Enjoy a free afternoon/ evening to rest and relax from your day of travelling.
Overnight at the hotel of your choice. Five Star: Tierra Hotel & Spa or similar / Four Star: Estancia Cerro Guido or similar.

Day 2 Torres del Paine

Early rise and breakfast before dawn. We drive to the puma tracking location and wait for sunrise. Trackers will be actively looking for pumas during this time of the day, following them and taking note of any carcasses they find and trying to find where they are going to nap. Our tracker will look around the puma lands which are one of the favourite foraging grounds for the guanaco. These mammals are relatives of the Andean llama and the African camel and congregate in the part of the park as its hills and valley walls offer protection from the winds at night. Subsequently, pumas also gather in this same part of the park as they look to feed on guanacos. If the tracker has a nice, safe view of the puma, he will contact the guide and give instructions on how to approach. After setting up at a safe distance from the pumas, it’s up to them if we are gifted with a with a memorable sighting. Patience is key when waiting for these unforgettable moments. We’ll enjoy our box lunches in the fresh air, while admiring the beautiful scenery. Staying outside during the short winter days will increase our chances to spot the elusive puma and at dusk the light is usually perfect for capturing photos of the incredible landscape as the setting sun draws out incredible hues. Return to the hotel for Dinner.
Overnight at the hotel of your choice. Five Star: Tierra Hotel & Spa or similar / Four Star: Estancia Cerro Guido or similar.

Day 3 Torres del Paine

Your daily program can change at any time depending on the weather conditions, your own interests and what the current season is like in the Torres del Paine. Today we will resume our puma tracking adventure and a dedicated puma tracker will be hiking across the puma lands to search for pumas and other wildlife for us and will radio in if, and when, they spot something of interest. If you choose to, you can also become a second tracking team and live the experience of tracking a puma first hand. This requires patience, dedication and silence to keep our eyes and ears open for signs of pumas in the distance. If you don’t wish to try tracking, we will simply continue on enjoying the Torres del Paine National Park with other excursions and site visits.
Overnight at the hotel of your choice. Five Star: Tierra Hotel & Spa or similar / Four Star: Estancia Cerro Guido or similar.

Day 4 Torres del Paine

In our search for the elusive puma, we’ll also explore a series of places inside of Torres del Paine National Park that provide amazing opportunities for landscape and wildlife photography. By starting our days at dawn and staying out until dusk, you’ll more than likely be able to see the parks best features at the optimal time. This includes seeing the sun hit the Granite Towers at Torres del Paine and you may even be able to catch a shot of the sun hitting the guanacos’ fur, making it glow in the distance. Many of the places in the park that are frequented by pumas are also common grounds for other animals. This means that you’ll more than likely have the opportunity to capture amazing photos of animals such guanaco, grey foxes, red foxes, haired armadillos, hognose skunk, European hare, the Andean condor, the Chilean flamingo and Magellanic woodpecker. Other animals that you may see include the Austral parakeet, ringed king fisher, Austral pygmy owl, Magellanic horned owl, black chested buzzard eagle, crested caracara, upland goose, ashy headed goose, black swans and plenty more. The list is practically endless! As another magnificent day in the park draws to an end, you’ll retire to the lodge for some rest and relaxation before dinner.
Overnight at the hotel of your choice. Five Star: Tierra Hotel & Spa or similar / Four Star: Estancia Cerro Guido or similar.

Day 5 Torres del Paine

Today we have a full day to enjoy Torres del Paine National Park, and our excursion for the day will be a full day Jeep Reconnaissance Tour* around the park. This excursion is recommended in all of our safaris, as it is the best way to get to experience all aspects of Torres del Paine in the shortest amount of time. On this full-day excursion, we cross the entire park from East to West and it includes the opportunity to enjoy one leisurely hike to Laguna Azul* that takes in the full spectrum of the park’s flora and fauna, in company with various breathtaking views of the Paine Massif, surrounding lakes, rivers, waterfalls and countryside. This is a day for those seeking the ultimate view where there is never a dull moment. We end our tour at the hotel for return of you Jeep companion and to enjoy a relaxing evening before dinner.
Overnight at the hotel of your choice. Five Star: Tierra Hotel & Spa or similar / Four Star: Estancia Cerro Guido or similar.

Day 6 Torres del Paine

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your onwards flight.


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