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Muyuna Lodge Fresh Water

Amazon, Peru

4 days


Did you know that Iquitos is the world’s largest city that cannot be reached by road? The Peruvian Amazon will enchant you with its vibrant variety of flora & fauna. Muyuna Lodge has a privileged location on the Yanayacu River, southeast of Iquitos. Due to the remoteness of the lodge, you will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife including monkeys, sloths, dolphins, fish, caiman, butterflies, toucans, macaws and countless species of birds. Enjoy a boat journey down the Amazon River, taste the local rainforest cuisine and be amazed by the variety of animals and colourful birds.


  • The extraordinary biodiversity that you will see in the Amazon, is consequence of the intense rain and the complex topography
  • This small rainforest lodge, secluded, intimate, that guarantees the observation of monkeys, birds, sloths, pink dolphins, fish, and caimans in their own habitat
  • Walk through the amazon forest and learn about medicinal plants and their uses and take nocturnal hikes to look for nocturnal animals
  • Canoe trips along the tributaries and ten lakes near Muyuna


Day 1 Iquitos

You will be transferred to the port to board a fast boat and will navigate the Amazon River for 3 hours. Muyuna staff will be ready to welcome you after arriving at the lodge. After setting in your bungalow and having lunch, finally you will start your trip.

You will take a boat trip to Lake Sapote and you will be able to see different birds, like parrots, jacanas, kingfishers, herons, panguana, partridges, pigeons, cormorants and horned screamers. Then, you will move to the other end of the Lake Moena where you will see sloths and monkeys.

After watching a sunset over the forest of mirrors, you will take the boat to Muyuna. During the evening you can take a boat ride and see some nocturnal animals like caimans, nocturnal birds and mammals.

Day 2 Iquitos

After breakfast, you will take a boat trip to Lake Casha. Here you will walk or paddle, depending on the water level, looking at different types of birds and lots of animals like sloths and several monkeys.

After lunch, you will navigate to the lakes Purura and Corrientes and catch different kind of fish, including the famous piranha.

After dinner, you will take a night walk in search of huge frogs, anaconda’s favourite food. Also observed several species of tarantulas.

Day 3 Iquitos

Very early in the morning after breakfast, you will walk behind Muyuna where you can appreciate the immense variety of flora and fauna that exist in the vicinity. This walk may last up to five hours (round trip), depending on your physical condition, and you get to the creek’s black waters (between the rivers Tahuayo-Yanayacu).

Lunch will be served outdoors so you can admire the pure and virgin Amazon jungle site. After lunch you will share the late afternoon with friendly people of the jungle, in the village San Juan de Yanayacu. The visit is very spontaneous; travellers sometimes play soccer with them or just walk around the village. You can buy handicrafts that they make themselves based on seeds and vegetable ivory.

After dinner, you will have a night canoe trip, to feel the sounds more closely.

Day 4 Iquitos

After breakfast you will take small boats up the Amazon River where you will experience the most magical moment of your trip as you will be able to swim with pink dolphins that are always playing around your boat.

On the way back to the lodge, you will see the biggest aquatic plant in the world, the famous Victoria Regia. It is also easy to see iguanas.

After lunch, you will be able to count all the animals seen in your Animal Check List, with your guide. Your experience of the jungle comes to an end as you navigate three hours back to Iquitos and transfer to the airport.


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