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Easter Island


4 days


Come and discover mythical Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island), a Chilean island steeped in Polynesian traditions. Located more than 3,500km off Chile’s coast it is one of the world’s most remote and unique destinations.

During your stay you will see some of the most impressive moai and the quarries from which they were carved. These giant stone statues were carved hundreds of years ago and weigh up to 13 tons. Even today it remains a mystery how they were moved across the island, and what their purpose was.

Of course, you would know Rapa Nui for its famous moai. But did you know about the fascinating Tapati festival the island hosts each year? This is one of the most spectacular cultural festivals in Latin America and a photographer’s dream come true. Ask our expert consultants about timing your visit to coincide with this colourful event.


  • Discover the distinctly Polynesian culture of this remote Chilean island.
  • See the most impressive statues and the quarries from which they were carved.
  • Explore Rapa Nui’s pink-sand beaches and windswept grasslands.
  • Visit Rapa Nui National Park, surely one of the world’s most remote areas, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Soak up the Rapa Nui culture by interacting with its people. Get to know their language and amazing food. Fall in love with their exotic dances, music and Polynesian clothing.
  • Ask our experts about visiting during the wonderful Tapati Festival for the best expression of Polynesian culture and mythology.


Day 1 Easter Island

Arrive in Easter Island. Welcome and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2 Easter Island

Full-day tour of Anakena visiting the archaeological centre of Akahanga, Rano Raraku Quarry where all the existing Moais were sculpted; picnic lunch at Anakena Beach.

Day 3 Easter Island

Half-day tour of Orongo and then visit Rano Kau volcano, with the largest concentration of petroglyphs. Marvel at the seven Moais overlooking the sea on a tour of Ahu Akivi. See the Caves of Ana Tepahu that are among the largest on the island.

Day 4 Easter Island

Transfer from the hotel to the airport or extend your stay with 4 to 7 night


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