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Discover Peru’s Northern Kingdoms


9 days


Featuring the remains of Moche, Chimu and Chachapoyan civilisations, this region is probably the richest archaeological area in all of the Americas. See vast citadels, mysterious temples and the fine craftsmanship of these ancient people. This independent suggested tour was created by our specialist team to inspire you. With Contours Travel you have the flexibility to alter this itinerary to suit your timeframe and budget. Add or change any location, excursion or accommodation.


  • Be amazed by nature at Gocta Falls, an impressive waterfall, 771 metres high, divided in two falls and surrounded by exuberant flora and fauna, including cocks of the rocks and monkeys. It is the third highest in Peru
  • See one of the most off-the-beaten-track areas of Peru, and explore the remains of Moche, Chimu and Chachapoyan civilisations. This region is probably the richest archaeological area in all of the Americas.
  • Visit archaeological sites and learn about the enigma of Kuélap, the citadel built between the Andes and the jungle, and mysterious tombs and sarcophagi, the legacy of the Chachapoya culture that once reigned here.
  • Get to see the famous Condor lagoon, where a tomb was discovered on its shores containing over 200 well-preserved mummies.


Day 1 Chiclayo

You will arrive to Chiclayo and you will go on an afternoon tour of Huaca Rajada (the ‘Cracked Pyramid) and the Royal Tombs of Sipan. You will explore the 4000-year old temple Ventarron and the archaeological site of Huaca Rajada, the place where Lord of Sipan, was discovered. Afterwards, you will visit the Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipan National Museum. This is the most important archaeological remains of the Mocha Culture.

Day 2 Chiclayo/Chachapoyas

Drive to Chachapoyas, ascending towards the lowest pass of the Peruvian Andes and cross into the upper Amazon Basin. Follow the Utcubamba River to Chachapoyas and overnight in the beautiful Gocta Lodge, with views of the falls.

Day 3 Chachapoyas

Hike through the forest with your guide to discover one of the world’s highest single drop waterfalls, the magnificent Gocta Falls. Spend some time enjoying the refreshing mist of the falls and keep your eyes peeled for Hummingbirds, Toucans, or maybe even a troupe of Capuchin or Woolly Monkeys. Return to the lodge for dinner.

Day 4 Chachapoyas

Full-day tour Kuelap Fortress, stronghold of the Chachapoya.
The ancient cloud city welcomes you as you sense the mysticism of standing at the top of the fortress. You will have an incredible adventure discovering the history of the area as approximately 90 percent of Chachapoyan archaeology is still undiscovered.
After the tour you will be transferred to your lodge.

Day 5 Chachapoyas/Leimabamba

Drive through Utcubamba Valley; make a stop where you will mount horses and take the trail to Revash. From here you will see the ancient Chachapoya tombs adorned with red-on-white figures and geometrical symbols. After returning to your vehicle, continue to Leimabamba and visit the local museum.

Day 6 Leimabamba/Cajamarca

Depart Leimabamba, climbing once again to the high altitude puna, and crossing a pass at 3,500m. From here you will descend to the Marañon River, a spectacular trip highlighting Peru’s diversity. Stop in Celendin for lunch and continue to Cajamarca. Enjoy a dip in thermal hot springs tonight.

Day 7 Cajamarca

Morning tour of the city and visit to Colina Santa Apolonia Hill for great city views. After lunch we visit the rock formation of Otuzco. Afternoon at leisure.

Day 8 Cajamarca/Trujillo

This morning you will start your trip from Cajamarca 2,700mts down to the coastal city of Trujillo, with a stop for picnic lunch en route. On arrival, enjoy a short tour of the city and stay overnight.

Day 9 Trujillo

Half-day tour of Huacas Sol and Luna, followed by lunch in Huanchaco. An afternoon tour of Chan Chan, and then transfer to Trujillo Airport for your flight.


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