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Bahia Bustamante lodge

Argentina, Patagonia

4 days


Bahia Bustamante lodge is a remote and exclusive seaside village surrounded by nature. It is located between Trelew and Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia Argentina, an area rich in relevant biological biodiversity. There are few places in the world that house such an amount and diversity of seabirds and marine mammals, which is why it has been included in the new National Park “Patagonia Austral”. Bahia Bustamante lodge offers activities such as visits to sea lion, penguin and bird colonies. A visit to the petrified forest and to the seaweed barnes to learn about this typical Patagonian ranch and it’s rich history are also a highlight. Horseback riding, kayaking and mountain bike are also available for those interested. Or if you prefer, you can just relax and enjoy the most exclusive sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, surrounded by tidal pools.


  • Avoid long distance travels to approach wildlife, the wildlife is all around and easy to spot in great numbers.
  • Out of the 16 marine birds that nest in Argentina’s coast, 13 do it in Bahia Bustamante.
  • Two endemic species Chubut Steamer Duckm and Olrog´s Gull can be seen here, both species are rated internationally as threatened birds.
  • Observe the Sea Lions colony on the islands which reaches up to 4.000 individuals.
  • The richness of the area also attracts the presence of killer whales, dolphins and Commerson’s dolphin.
  • Steppe wildlife such as Patagonian Cavy, lesser rheas, guanacos are easy to spot and, occasionally, some armadillos, grey fox and maras are seen too.
  • Significant colonies of Magellanic Penguin colony (up to 100.000 individuals), Blue-eyed Cormorant and Rock Cormorant.


  • Accommodation in selected cabin with full board.
  • Activities included are 4×4 drives, hiking, biking.
  • Horseback riding is available at an additional cost.


Day 1 Bahia Bustamante

With a great number of geographical accidents, its sounds and its solitude, Bahia Bustamante Lodge is a paradise awaiting to be discovered. From its magnificent white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, framed by red rocks reaching inland, to its moonscapes of great deserts, it is a marine and earthly paradise inhabited by a great number of birds and mammals. Exploration activities in the area are proposed on a day-to-day basis, considering tides and weather conditions.
Check in and walk around the lodge to learn about its history, its founder, inhabitants, the buildings, everything! Visit the barnes were the seaweed is processed & learn about the different species found in Bahia Bustamante and its uses.

Day 2 Bahia Bustamante

Sailing along Malaspina Cove towards the Vernacci Islands, which are home to Sea Lions (4000 animals during breeding season), Magellan Penguins (100.000 from October to March) and colourful Marine Bird colonies. Navigation is done during high tide hours and according to the right weather conditions.
Or take a 4×4 drive to reach thes amazing Aristizabal Cape, an important rocky point of imposing landscape, open ocean views & isolated beaches. On this tour you’ll come across diverse wildlife such as lesser rheas, maras, grey foxes, and armadillos among others. Once your reach the Aristizabal Lighthouse there is a short trek to see the Sea Lions, which usually rest in different spots around the Cape.

Day 3 Bahia Bustamante

Another day to continue discovering the area
– Take a 4×4 ride combined with a moderate trekking to the Petrified Forest, located 18 miles away from the Lodge. The Petrified Forest is a fascinating journey to the past. Exactly 60 million years ago expressed in petrified trees and pieces of wood. During the visit you will be able to observe all kinds of Steppe wildlife too (lesser rheas, guanacos, maras, and more).
– Only 15 minutes away from the Lodge this island is home to a colony of Magellan Penguins. During low tide hours it is possible to reach the island on foot, having the amazing experience of watching penguins, chicks and nests all around you. Along the road to the island you can also be able to observe all kinds of Steppe wildlife.

Day 4 Bahia Bustamante

Transfer to Comodoro Rivadavia or Trelew for your onwards flight.


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