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Penny & Andrew, Chile and Argentina 2019

Heather, Heather, Heather,

All we can say now we are back in the deep north of Queensland is WOW!!! Thought we should drop you a line about our trip of a lifetime….which you designed 🙂

There was not one part of the trip that was not amazing. EVERYTHING was amazing and incredible. Every corner of the road, every minute view from our ship’s window with glaciers that never ended, every trip….nothing wasn’t amazing.

The cruise……….wow…..the cruise………we’ve never been on a cruise. There was nothing that wasn’t anything other than exceptional. No faults, no improvements needed, unsure how it could be better actually. Ventus Australis….10 out of 10.

Everything else just followed on from this, although it began in Santiago with our guide Evelyn. She was unreal…..very knowledgeable and super friendly. Easily our best ‘city guide’. Buenos Aires and especially the Intersur Recoletta was a wonderful choice of location. The Recoletta Cemetery was beyond one’s imagination with regard to the depth of intricacy and magnitude.

El Calafarte (Argentina), Torres del Paine and Atacama………………..what a place Chile is. Nothing went wrong on the whole trip…..transfers on time, flights on time or early!! Atacama guides were unreal. Great blokes with a sense of humour and knowledge. Absolutely fell in love in love with Torres del Paine and the accommodation superb!! One outstanding highlight of one of our tours was to sight 2 grande gatos!!! Yes Pumas!! One was resting by the lake and the other feasting on a Guanaco. Thanks Heather for organising the Pumas as even some guides have never seen them.

Volcanoes, flamingos, geysers…..vicuna, viscacha, cactus, condors, whales…………the list goes on, just incredible.

Iguazu Falls was an amazing site and so pleased that we were able to see the falls yet very overwhelmed by so many tourists.

So, we’d go back and do everything again… week!!! What was the best part of the trip people would ask………….the best part was not having to worry about ANYTHING, just be ready and turn up on time!!!!!!


Penny and Andrew

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