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Paul and Marcia, November 2010

“I remember you said to me in our last phone conversation before we left that you knew we would have a great time. Well you were so right. Words cannot express how right you were. We are having an absolute ball. The highlight of course has been the Inca Valley and the trail – in fact the trail was so interesting we forgot whilst we were walking it about the jewel in the crown – Machu Picchu. Condor travel were absolutely great – they did not miss a beat – and their people were always so helpful. So we are on the downhill run – arrived Copacabana today. So different after Bolivia and Peru. I will certainly be coming to say hi and thank you in person when we get back. In the meantime there is something you may be able to help us with. We would like to be able to send some extra money (tip) to our porters from the Inca trail. We do not feel (in hindsight) that we were as generous as we should have been. We had to make a decision about their tip prior the hike – we did not anticipate how hard these people work and hence did not take on the trip sufficient to increase the tip in accordance with what we now know. Can you make enquires via Condor how we can correct this please?I look forward to seeing you again to thank you in person and to introducing you to my mystery wife. Kind regards and thank you for creating this wonderful journey.”

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