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Natalie and Colin, May 2011

Thank you so much for a great tour. We have recovered from the jet lag now and can begin to look back and enjoy our pictures, relive the experiences and remember the amazing sites we have seen.

We really have appreciated your advice, planning, sense of humour and sense of calm on the 2 tours we have done with you. Although we prefer to travel independently in other countries, we were not keen on touring independently in Mexico or South America so many thanks to you both for agreeing to accompany us this year. Huge thank you to Judy for assisting me with the doctor in Mexico City as well. To have your medical knowledge Judy helped me enormously. It seems rather funny now as I look back on it but it was a concern for me at the time.

Some highlights for us were:

  • The 3 Amigos Tour in Copper Canyon with Julio as the guide was fantastic. It was an outback adventure all the way to Batopilas and back. We also enjoyed the great train ride.
  • Tlaquepaque was a wonderful place to start for the 6 of us – classy, easy to walk around and we were able to begin to get familiar with the urban side of Mexico. Loved the hote
  • Enjoyed learning about Tequila production and have impressed our daughter with our new found knowledge. We bought her a bottle of Don Julio Tequila at LA Airport and she was very impressed.
  • Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, Mitla, Palenque, Uxmal, Chichen Itza were all fantastic. I can’t choose between them – they all had something different to make them more outstanding than the others! To walk up to the top of some of the pyramids was wonderful as was hearing about the mayan culture.
  • The colonial towns were interesting and having accommodation so close to the centre of the old part of these towns was great. I have a greater knowledge now of some of the Mexican history – just a bit hazy on names and exact dates!
  • Agua Azul was breathtaking in its colour. A slow walk down from the top enabled us to take in the coolness and the paddle at the bottom was a bit of fun for us.
  • Loved the R and R at Playa del Carmen. Still cannot get over how warm the water was and how beautiful the sand, pools, rooms etc were.
  • The hotels were all great. To relax, cool down and swim in some hotels was a great way to unwind after many hours on the road.

We love the pottery we bought and all the pieces arrived back intact! The tablecloths and mats all look good, just need to re do the throw cushions to match now!

I hope we were not too difficult to deal with. I guess it is never easy to get everybody happy all the time but rest assured, we did have a good time, saw amazing sites, and appreciate what must go into organizing a tour like this. We would gladly recommend your company and the trip to others.

Thanks for putting up with our idiosyncrasies and fussy eating habits. You are very seasoned travellers and I marvel at how comfortable you both are in these off beat places. I wanted to say thank you a bit more to you both but I get a bit teary at journeys end when we are parting and then we are on the next queue.

Have printed a couple of pictures at home for you to giggle at. Hope you are all relaxed now back in Melbourne. Huge thank you again to you both and we hope the South America trip is wonderful later in the year for you.

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