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Maria & Domenic, Peru, 2020

Dear Contours Travel staff,

We really want to formally show our appreciation for all your services, care and concerns during our recent (short) trip to South America.

It was thanks to your capable staff (Heather, in particular), that we were able to safely return home to Melbourne from Peru.

The whole experience has taught us the valuable lesson of using a qualified travel agent, especially when travelling to unfamiliar destinations or if major crises suddenly arise.

Firstly, your staff are invaluable. Their outstanding devotion to the perfect holiday and adventure…. It doesn’t stop when you pick your tickets. They are always monitoring changing situations.

From the initial planning and booking of our original trip to unfortunate family circumstances that caused us to postpone the trip, and then to the eventual rebooking of our South American trip, Heather gave us all the advice on how we could arrange/plan our holiday. Her knowledge of the local South American experience gave us more options and ideas on what we could explore. Her personal experience was more valuable to us than what we read from the guide books. But, when the preverbal hits the fan, that the dedication of all your staff was vital to our welfare.

Heather worked tirelessly in arranging and organising numerous options in ‘escaping’ from Peru before it abruptly shut its borders to foreigners. At that time we felt panicked and overwhelmed, but Heather kept us calm and reassured us that she was going to get us home. We felt reassured that Heather knew what she was doing particularly because she was informing us of border closures before any information from DFAT Smart traveller alerts arrived. We did not have to worry about the stress of rebooking flights and accommodation, or transfers, particular across the Peru/Chile border crossing. We believe that she used all her resources and contacts through South America in helping us to get back home safely.

Again many, many thanks to the amazing and dedicated staff members of Contours Travel.

Maria & Domenic

(March 2020)


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