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Marg & Ralph, November 2009

“Puerto Moins Costa Rica, weather P…ing down, Ha ha I will try and entice it to head over to the Gold Coast where it will be appreciated. Havana… Guide met us at airport no problems nice guy Mirval is his name he delivered us to the Hotel about midnight explaining everything along the way. Hotel really straight out of the 1950s but had all the mod cons we appreciate so that was great. Next morning Mirval was waiting exactly on time for our street walking tour. Mirval explained that it being a Friday the cigar factory would be closed on the weekend and as we were leaving Sunday would we like to do this first although it wasn’t on our itinerary. Of course we wanted to and what an amazing thing to see and hear about we were very impressed and of course Ralph did make a purchase or two. Mirval then explained how we must remove all traces of the labels and not mention where we had been in our onward journey as said purchases would be confiscated. Vital info that came in very handy. Our street walking tour was really really good lots of info about everything and really great things to see. Mirval did not ask for any extra for taking us on the cigar tour and did not hurry us at any time although he was with us for most of the day. (hope you don’t get an extra invoice Ha Ha) We did look after him anyway. We had to leave the Hotel at 4.30am to catch our flight to Cancun, Mirvil was there to put us in a taxi to the airport. Thoroughly recommend taking the time to go to Havana if anyone else asked, especially if any of your clients are antique car enthusiasts. I swear the taxi we had was the same make and year that my grandfather had… Leaving this arvo for Panama, weather forecast …the Captain wont tell us he just asked that we all cross our fingers and toes and that he is from Norway and what’s wrong with a little rain and to compensate he is shouting us all as much champagne as we can drink.”

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