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Kathy and Greg, September 2009

“What an unbelievable trip we had thanks to your planning and knowledge of South America. From our first glimpse of Buenos Aires to our last views of the glaciers it was all just so spectacular. There is no special place that stands out more than everything else except for Machu Picchu. This was very special for I had wanted to come here since my mum had visited in 1979 and her love of Ancient cultures had inspired my own desires to explore the land of the Incas. Our kids have been, Marc having walked the Inca trail in 2008 so it was the culmination of something very special as my mum had recently died and I felt her with me as we explored this awe inspiring land. Greg also ventured up to the Sun Gate. I remember you telling me that the trip to the Salt Desert would be a highlight and it certainly was. I can’t believe what I saw the flamingos, the endless kms, not seeing another jeep, the train cemetery it was all like being transported back to another century. I think now that it certainly was adventurous and all that have seen our photos have commented on the isolation and desolation. These memories will be with us forever. Our guides were wonderful. So informative, friendly and helpful. The cruise, well it is hard to describe the scenery, the rides in the ice breakers, the soaring snow covered Andes, and being moored in front of a glacier only brought more photo opportunities. Oh and the food was just great. And yes the final night dinner was for most a dressed up occasion. Thank you again Heather, your insights gave us a trip that has made many of our friends want to go and we have certainly recommended you. I would also like to again thank you for checking out little things for me before we left.”

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