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Janelle, Travel Agent 2020

I recently booked an amazing 8-week multi-country itinerary for 2 of my clients. What they wanted was a little off the grid and Heather from Contours did a fabulous job. She ticked all the boxes making sure their needs were met and answer any questions before they arose. Which for a travel agent is absolute gold. After almost 3 of these 8 weeks enter Covid-19 and the world went mad. Borders were closed, airlines stopped flying and the Australian government issued a directive for all Australians to come home. Heather and Contours Travel were fabulous. They asked our clients to download WhatsApp so they could communicate directly with them at all times of the day or night. The land operators that Contours were using in Peru were able to get my clients a private transfer to Bolivia where Heather changed their arrangements giving them a few nights in a hotel before departing on a flight home that she had booked for them. As a travel agent of 25+ years I think of each client as someone I personally know and treat each holiday as if it were my own. Contours have the same philosophy. I couldn’t have asked for more from Heather, or Contours. They were quick to keep us updated on the constantly (and quickly) changing environment and made sure my clients were looked after and kept safe at all times; getting them home as quickly as possible.


I am looking forward to the industry picking up and people travelling again, and I shall continue to use and recommend Contours for all things South and Central America.

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