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Bob and Erica, November 2012

(Email to our Tour Leader for the Sensational South America Tour)

Hi Alan

Just dropping you a “hello” from Bob and Erica  who were on your last Sensational South American trip.

You have a very special ability to make people feel at ease and important , and a great quality of never giving the impression of being stressed. We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know you and avail ourselves of your wonderful  knowledge  of your country that you love so much.

Bob and I  still keep talking and remembering lots of various aspects of our trip and how fortunate we were to be able to share South America through the eyes of someone like you who has such a passion for the country.

We enjoyed our nights out as a group for dinner, our walks through the streets of Lima, Buenos Aires and Cuzco, our excursions through the Amazon jungle and cruise on the Bariloche Lakes, our cable car ride in Rio and the great experience of seeing the majestic Iguassu Falls as well as the unbelievable wonders of Macchu Pichu and Moras and Ollyantambo.

The hotel accommodation at the end of our days was always a welcoming sight. How are we going to top such a great experience, for which we have you to thank in a large part?

We have been in contact by email with the rest of the group and  it seems we all have similar impressions and great memories.

Thank you for your collection of photos, particularly the group photos in all the various locations.

I am only just now putting together my album of favourite shots.

Keep enjoying life and all the best for the future.

Best wishes and thanks again,

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