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Allow us to introduce you to some of our favourite places to visit in Uruguay. Yes, Uruguay! You mean Uru-why? A good question, especially with tourist magnets Argentina and Brazil right next door.

Well, to begin with Uruguay is not as uptight as Argentina or as pretentious as Brazil. Uruguay is laid back, quietly sitting under the radar of its overblown neighbours. We love Uruguay because it’s stable, safe and culturally sophisticated, and offers a welcome respite from this showy tourism. Moreover, with its long history of liberalism, when you cross the border, just come as you are.

Yet Uruguay does boast an astonishingly diverse landscape. Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo boasts striking architecture, breezy promenades and sandy beaches. Its windswept Atlantic coastline features dunes, lagoons and perfect surf. Why not check out the chic beach resorts around Punta del Este? Alternatively, flee to sleepy villages, frequented by penguins, sea lions and whales.

The littoral and interior regions are equally rewarding with world-class wineries and extensive national parks. Journey up the Rio de la Plata and discover charming colonial towns. Not to mention, thermal springs and working haciendas with a traditional gaucho way of life.

In this way, Uruguay’s a little like Argentina and Brazil, just cuter and much calmer.

Uruguay is easy to visit as a day trip from Buenos Aires, but why not stay longer and discover the subtle charms of this tiny country?

When to go to Uruguay?

– Brazilians and Argentineans flock to Uruguay’s coast during the summer months of December and January. Why not visit the interior during these hectic months for a much quieter pace?
– Travel during the winter months for crisp clear blue skies and low humidity, perfect for hiking, boating, horseback riding and sightseeing
– Whale-watching is best from June to November
– Wine connoisseurs should aim for the ‘Vendimia’ harvest festival, celebrated in March.

Our Expert’s Choice.

– Take a step back in time with a stay at the charming Narbona Wine Lodge. With just five rooms, this historic property is an intimate introduction to Uruguay’s excellent food and wine.
– Escape to the interior for authentic encounters with local gauchos. A stay at one of the excellent estancias is highly recommended.
– If you are in Montevideo on a weekend, talk to us about visiting a local Carnival street parade rehearsal. These colourful neighbourhood rehearsals are fun, frenetic and a great insight into Carnival culture in Uruguay.



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