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If you are eager to get off the beaten track and enjoy an original South American experience; then travel to Paraguay! This little-visited, little-known country is much misunderstood (if it’s considered at all!). Whilst it may lack the iconic highlights of other South American countries, it certainly makes up for it with the authentic folk you meet.

Located in the heart of South America, Paraguay offers visitors peculiar contradictions like its impressive navy force despite the landlocked borders. And its official languages that almost nobody purely speaks. Not to mention intriguing contrasts where horses and carts jostle for position with Mercedes Benz vehicles. Or like the steamy subtropical forests of Iguazú which lie to the east while the dry, spiny wilderness of the Chaco lie to the west.

If nothing else, the Paraguayan cuisine is unique, abundant and rib-sticking delicious. And for the foodies at Contours Travel, this alone makes it a worthwhile destination. If you’re keen to travel to Paraguay then give us a call today.

When to go to Paraguay?

– To avoid the stifling heat and humidity of summer, it is best to visit from April to October.
– For the best wildlife viewing, travel from June to September.
– Experience Carnival in all its colourful glory, but with a fraction of Brazil’s tourists. Paraguay offers a seriously authentic and very fun five days.
– For thigh-slapping, schnitzel-chomping, stein-swilling fun, don’t miss Paraguay’s Oktoberfest.

Our expert’s choice

– If you’re considering a trip to Paraguay you need to talk to Australia’s leading Paraguayan expert, our very own Ben Price. He not only travelled the length and breadth of the country but lived there! And even speaks a little Guarani!