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The most common question we get about Honduras is: how on earth do you pronounce its capital? And its true, Tegucigalpa does look a bit overwhelming! So, let’s take it nice and slow – Te-GOOS-ee-GAL-pa. There! That wasn’t so difficult was it. Once you’ve come to terms with Tegucigalpa’s pronunciation, you can start exploring her historic centre. From the Cathedral to the anthropological museum and the pleasant pedestrianised avenue of Paseo Liquidambar. But the best of Honduras lies outside the capital city.

Honduras’ cloud forests are a lush blanket of mosses, bromeliads and orchids. Hiking the forest trails you may catch a glimpse of the Resplendent Quetzal or Red or Green Macaw. But you are unlikely to stumble across too many other tourists. For the ultimate jungle experience, you can’t go past the stunning Pico Bonito National Park. Here you will find the country’s most luxurious lodge. And the Nombre de Dios mountain range provides a spectacular backdrop to the forest landscape.

The Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras are home to an underwater paradise. In fact, they are rightly renowned as one of the best dive and snorkel destinations in the region. The largest island, Roatan, has a densely forested interior. So even land-lubbers will be kept happy with canopy tours and hiking trails!

UNESCO Heritage listed Copan Ruins are the country’s contribution to Mayan archaeological wealth in this region. This extensive site is widely considered to be one of the most spectacular cities of the ancient Maya civilization.