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Don’t just take our word for it; this is what some of our clients have had to say about the services we provide and their travel experience in this beautiful continent!

Penny & Andrew, Chile and Argentina 2019

Heather, Heather, Heather, All we can say now we are back in the deep north...

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Suzanne & Bruce, Central America 2018

Hi Heather, Our trip was just fabulous. Thank you so much for all the attention...

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Bob & Tina, Brazil 2019

Ben, We would like to thank you for the work and attention to detail you...

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Karen & Wayne, Patagonia 2018

We had a truly wonderful time, you just can’t imagine. All the scheduled connections and...

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The Martin family, Ecuador 2018

Hi Ben We had the most amazing time. Our jaws were on the ground practically...

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Rod & Vicki, Mexico & Guatemala 2018

Hola Ben, You work with fantastic people. Each and everyone has been so nice, helpful...

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Jill, Ecuador 2018

Hi Heather, Thanks for your speedy response.  We loved the Devil's Cauldron yesterday and the...

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Erika, Peru 2018

Hi Brett, Thought you’d like to know that I just had Erika in from the...

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Carolyn, Travel Agent. November, 2018.

Hi Brett, They came in last week.  I can only tell you they loved everything...

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Johna, Chile. November, 2018.

Hi Ben, My trip was spectacular! I had such a wonderful time. The process was...

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Heather, South America. November, 2018.

Ben, well we went to Cafe Toroni on your suggestion. Beautiful! Noticed as we walked...

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Bob, Brazil. November, 2018.

YOU HAVE DONE VERY WELL. Cheers, Bob Photo says it all!

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