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Top Culinary Tours in Latin America

September 22, 2020

Are you a frustrated foodie? A budding Masterchef contestant looking to expand their repertoire? Or perhaps just someone who likes to get to the heart of the local culture via its cuisine? Well no matter what your reasons, there are a host of hands-on culinary tours across Latin America to help you achieve your goals. Not only will you learn to cook traditional dishes but delve into the history of the local cuisine and discover plenty of unique cultural quirks along the way.  

The Argentine Experience, Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls

This entertaining evening is somewhere between a dinner party and a cooking class! The Argentine Experience is all about imparting the essence of Argentine culture and cuisine in a fun and informal context. Discover the importance of mate and learn how to prepare it to exacting local standards! Find out how to order steak ‘your way’ in Spanish and learn the difference between a bife de chorizo and a bife de lomo! And share a fun evening of food and culture with people from around the world!

Take a boteca tour in Rio

This is a bar-hopping tour with a difference where you’ll uncover gritty dive bars, local microbreweries and some well-guarded carioca secrets! And what better way to discover the boteca (bar) culture of the cidade maravilhosa than with a local connoisseur? Your host will whisk you away from the touristy haunts of Copacabana for an authentic and fun evening. Along the way you’ll sample local brews, perfectly mixed caipirinhas and plenty of bar snacks to keep you going. The night ends (or does it?) in the famous party district of Lapa, where your host will show you the best samba clubs and live music venues. Just don’t book any early morning tours for the following day!!

Bikes, beers and tacos in Mexico City

Many of Mexico City’s best foodie experiences can be found in the quiet, residential streets of Polanco, Condesa and Roma. And what better way to explore these hip, bohemian neighbourhoods than by bike? Your local guide will lead you to the best taquerias, cantinas and markets to sample the famous tacos al pastor, tacos de canasta and more. These bite-size morsels are perfect for a progressive lunch! And every Mexican knows that tacos go hand in hand with cerveza! So there will be a local beer or two along the way! Or for those who don’t mind something a little stronger, perhaps a smoky mezcal or tequila! But if you prefer your adventures on foot – there are plenty of great walking tours too! In fact, you could spend weeks learning the secrets of the Mexican kitchen! Check out this great culinary tour of Mexico for more ideas.

Peruvian classics in Lima

Peruvian cuisine has taken the world by storm over the last ten years! From Melbourne to London, Paris and San Francisco, any foodie destination worth its salt boasts at least one Peruvian restaurant. And on this fantastic culinary tour in Lima you will discover how to whip up two of Peru’s most famous concoctions. Before you get started, your guide will take you to one of Lima’s magnificent produce markets. Here you can appreciate the vast variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood that chefs have at their disposal here! And then it is off to one of the city’s exclusive restaurants for a hands-on demonstration in preparing the classic Peruvian cocktail, the Pisco Sour. Next up, you’ll learn how to create the perfect ceviche! This fresh, citrusy seafood dish is sure to impress your friends. And finally, enjoy the fruit of your labours followed by lunch!

Colombian street food in Cartagena

We know that many travellers are wary of sampling food from street vendors! But many of our favourite culinary experiences have been had this way! And with a local guide on hand, it is a risk-free endeavour. So, you can concentrate on having a delicious experience instead! This tour takes you through the picturesque streets of Cartagena to sample local specialties which fuse African and European flavours. Perhaps the best part of this culinary tour is the bewildering variety of fruits sold at the local juice vendors! Colombia has an astounding array of tropical fruits – many of which you cannot find anywhere else in the world. So strap on your walking shoes, bring your appetite and get ready to meet some of the city’s favourite vendors!