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Is Latin America safe? We take the worry out of your trip!

July 15, 2020

Some of the biggest misconceptions about Latin America are surrounding safety! And while there are certainly parts of the continent that are not recommended for tourists, the vast majority of Latin America is very safe. So when we are asked, ‘Is Latin America safe?’, we are confident in saying YES!

Why book with a travel agent?

If you are booking with us we will advise you about all the important issues and how to engage better with your chosen destination. And we will always be honest if we think you shouldn’t travel to a particular area, or participate in certain activities.

Most importantly, we have a strong relationship with our local representatives in Latin America. And our partners have rigorous standards when it comes to transfer vehicles, drivers and guides. What’s more, you’ll be given 24/7 contact numbers! So if there ever is an emergency or you are feeling unwell, you need only pick up the phone.

The changing face of Latin America. 

It is important to understand that the world is changing and so is Latin America. Latin American countries are constantly evolving and improving security issues. When you return from your trip you will understand the development this region is going through: improved infrastructure and tourism services unique to Latin America. They have learned from their northern neighbours the importance of customer service, but even better, they actually do it genuinely, the Latin hearts can melt even the coldest traveller.

Latin America is a great alternative to more traditional destinations such as Europe, offering better value for money. You’ll still find exquisite hotels, world-class trains, fascinating and diverse history and breathtaking landscapes. But even better, you’ll discover the Latin zest for life.

So, is it safe to travel to South America? The answer is yes, but do it wisely and bring your common sense with you. Book with the experts and let us take the worry out of your trip.

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