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Marching during the Inti Raymi ceremony in Cuzco, Peru Ben Price Contours Travel

Inti Raymi celebration in Cuzco

July 6, 2020

One of the most colourful and popular festivals in Latin America is Cuzco’s Inti Raymi. In fact, this is the second-largest celebration on the continent! Only Rio’s Carnival attracts more spectators!

The Incas worshipped Inti the Sun God, and they were not foolish to do so. After all, it makes sense to look up and venerate the Sun. For every atom in your body, forged in the dying hearts of distant long-gone stars, has been drawn together and energised by its magnificence. Humdrum maybe, but our local star has produced the most complex phenomenon known. And that’s exuberant and abundant life, capable of expressing awe and gratitude.

Soon after the winter solstice and harvest time, every year on 24th June, Peruvians gather at the ruins of Sacsayhuaman for the Inti Raymi Festival. Steeped in rituals with traditional costumes, colourful dance and folk music, they come to celebrate the end of the longest night and the promise of longer days and thankful bounty as Inti gradually returns to its zenith.

If you take nothing for granted in life, why not join the locals at the next Inti Raymi? Talk to one of our Latin America travel specialists about this jubilant event.