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Top South American Cruises

July 1, 2020

Are you looking for something different but want to travel in comfort? How about a South American cruise? To browse all our cruises, click here.  Or if you would like to know more about our top cruising destinations, keep on reading!

Cruising is a wonderful way to discover some of Latin America’s most appealing destinations. And in some cases, it’s the only way! That’s why we love cruising in the Galapagos, Amazon and Patagonian fjords. Because they take you into regions that land-lubbers can only dream of! 

1. Discover wildlife in Galapagos, Ecuador

The islands that inspired Darwin’s evolution theory are perfect for snorkelling, diving and coming face-to-face with unique wildlife. And there is no better way to explore them than onboard a ship.

M/Y Corals I & II depart from Baltra and take you through a comprehensive program. You will engage in a tortoise breeding program, watch countless birds (expect finches, blue-footed boobies and penguins) and hike through black mangroves to a lagoon full of flamingos. You’ll explore volcanic formations and marvel at sea lion colonies over a four-day itinerary.

2. Float along the Amazon

You’ve got plenty of options to choose from when it comes to exploring the ‘Lungs of the World’. You can either travel in luxury and style with Delfin, Aria and Zafiro vessels or, if you want value for money, embark in Anakonda or Manatee.

These last two, depart from Coca, in Ecuador and explores Panayacu River Reserve, where you will be able to see Pink River Dolphins and Common Squirrel Monkeys. Further down the river, you will visit Panacocha (or Piranha Lake), an ecosystem flooded by white waters that is home to the infamous Piranha, Water Monkey Fish and white caimans. On the last day of your trip, you will enjoy a cultural and ethnic encounter with the Amazona’s locals and witness the Parrot Clay lick, one of the most exciting wildlife spectacles in the Amazon.

3. Gape in awe at beautiful Patagonia

This one is a classic. The breathtaking views of Torres del Paine is a South American sight that cannot be missed. But after hiking through the imposing mountains, what then? Embark on an Australis cruise to feel the mystical aura of Cape Horne, the southernmost cape of Tierra del Fuego. See penguins and marvel at glaciers as you travel through the most important natural passage between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

4. Explore untamed Antarctica

If you’re already in Patagonia, the last wild, untamed continent of the world is just a step away. Designed for polar research, the Greg Mortimer promises to dazzle weary travellers with stunning landscapes and unique wildlife. Journey below the Antarctic Circle to encounter Adelie penguins. Visit Pleneau Island and its stunning iceberg alley. And cruise through the famous Lemaire Channel, where peaks soar over a kilometre high. Your days are filled with excursions ashore accompanied by naturalist guides. An Antarctic cruise is something you will never forget! 

If you’d like to know more about our top South American cruises, contact one of our Travel Specialists! We’ve sailed the Galapagos, cruised the Amazon, ventured to Antarctica and enjoyed the solitude in the Patagonian fjords.