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Latin American cities that also said ‘Yes’

June 30, 2020

To celebrate that Australia said YES to same-sex marriage, let us tell you a bit more about some of the cities in Latin America that have also taken ‘the big step’ towards inclusivity (and that are also amazing travel destinations).

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 2010 Argentina became the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage. Since then, Buenos Aires has become a lively hub for LGBTQI tourism. Stylish cafes, a vibrant arts scene, and lively gay nightclubs will breathe life into your holiday every day. Make sure to check out Glam, one of the most popular gay nightclubs, and visit Casa Brandon, a bar/art-gallery that promotes sexual diversity.

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil

You would think that the country that is home to the world’s largest carnival should know how to throw a Pride parade. Well, you’re right. Sao Paulo has a great gay scene with more than 40 bars, clubs and saunas. In addition, the city boasts the largest gay pride celebration in the world; the parade broke the Guinness World Record in 2006 and has over 2 million attendees every year. Politicians have fully embraced the Pride movement and are commonly seen at the event and opening and closing ceremonies.

3. Bogota, Colombia

Colombia legalised same-sex marriage in 2016, becoming the fourth Latin American country to do so. Its capital, Bogota, has one of the most vibrant gay communities in Latin America. And maybe the fact that its nightlife is so vibrant has something to do with it. Hundreds of gay and gay-friendly bars line the streets of Centro Chapinero, La Zona Rosa, and along Avenida 10 de Mayo. One of the largest gay night clubs in the world, the Theatron, throws huge parties across a 5-level complex that has 13 different rooms.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

In 2010, Mexico City became the first Latin American jurisdiction to legalize same-sex marriage (it actually legalized same-sex marriage a few months before Argentina did, but the bill only applied to the city, not the whole country). It has also legalized the modification of birth certificates and other legal documents for people who undergo gender reassignment. In terms of tourism, the Zona Rosa, located close to the city centre, is a famous LGBTQI neighbourhood that features many of the city’s trendiest bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

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