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When is the best time to travel to the Amazon?

June 25, 2020

The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world. The basin encompasses 7,000,000 km2, and it is shared by nine nations in South America. This region is also home to the most extensive collection of living animals and plants in the world; making it one of the richest biomes in the world with unparallel diversity. If that is not enough to get your attention, the Amazon is also home to the Amazon River. The mighty Amazon snakes more than 6,400km from the Andes to the Atlantic, and is the largest river in the world. With so much land to cover, and so many things to see, when is the best time to travel to the Amazon?

The Amazon has two seasons: the flooded and the dry season. Both seasons offer amazing sites to spot wildlife and learn about the flora. And in both seasons you will get rainy days and hot weather. So how to choose when is the best time to travel to the Amazon? For those wanting a slightly cooler temperature that will allow you to get close-ups with lots of birds and mammals, the flooded season is the best choice. However, if you are looking to explore the area with hikes and try your luck at fishing, then the dry season is your best bet. It is hotter and less rainy. Let´s break it down a little bit more.

The flooded season

The flooded season runs through summer, from November to May. If you travel to the Amazon around this time, the temperatures are somewhat cooler thanks to the rain. The rivers and streams are navigable as the water volume is higher. So you will be able to explore the Amazon along its waterways. This way, you will reach places that you would miss during the dry season. As the water levels are higher, the boats get closer to the canopy. You will see the monkeys play and the birds roost. This time is better to see the mammals as most areas are flooded.

The dry season

The dry season runs from June to October. The temperatures get higher, but you will still get some rainy days. The pathways that are flooded during summer are now more accessible so you will be able to explore deeper into the forest. Lower water levels mean less accessibility to creeks that allow us to enjoy the canopy. But it also means better fishing and the chance to see dozens of migratory birds in flight, something that you will miss in the wet season.

The verdict

Both seasons are great to travel to the Amazon and explore the area. If you have a specific purpose, like fishing or want to have more activities like hiking and trekking, then the dry season is recommended. For those who want to enjoy the waterways and prolific bird life, then the flooded season would be the best choice.

To find out more about what Amazon region is right for you, talk to our agents. From cruising to treehouses and glamping, there are many ways to experience this iconic destination.