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Ciudad Perdida: The ultimate trekking experience

June 17, 2020

Hidden among the lush green valleys of the Sierra Nevada range in Colombia, La Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) offers travellers a unique adventure. That’s because the site is only accessible by foot and involves a four- five- or six-day hike through the jungle. So don’t worry about hordes of tourists! Because the remote nature of the ruins means only a select few will visit! In fact, on the day Travel Specialist, Heather Poppelier, visited, her group was the only one there!

Perched high on a plateau and with stunning views of the surrounding valleys, Teyuna archaeological park was the heart of the Tayrona civilisation. It is believed to have been founded about 800 CE, much earlier than Machu Picchu! Teyuna was the region’s political and commercial centre, but was abandoned during the Spanish conquest.

The Trek

You’ll need a good level of fitness to hike the undulating trail to the Lost City. However the main challenge for most people is the heat and humidity. But don’t worry, the route is studded with waterfalls and mountain streams so there are plenty of opportunities to cool off. Along the way, you will see the traditional villages of indigenous communities. These people are the direct descendants of the pre-Hispanic Tayrona, and still live very traditional lives. The final ascent to La Ciudad Perdida is via an immense stone staircase of more than 1,100 steps. So yes, this is a challenging hike but very rewarding.

Why do we love this trek?

Firstly, it is impossible to overstate the beauty of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada mountains. You cannot fail to be impressed by the wonderful flora and fauna or this region. Even as you struggle up hills and across mountain streams! And what’s more, there are comparatively few tourists to share it with! In fact, while Machu Picchu receives thousands of visitors each day, the Lost City attracts just a few dozen hikers.

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