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Easter celebrations you will want to experience in Latin America

June 1, 2020

Did you know that the vast majority of Latin America is Catholic? And every country has their own traditions associated with the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ. Easter is by far the most celebrated and important religious holiday of the year. So, if you traveling over this festive period, make sure you don’t miss these impressive traditions! Here are some Easter celebrations you will want to experience in Latin America.

Flower carpets in Guatemala

Many Latin-American countries celebrate Easter with this beautiful tradition: carpets that adorn the processional route. However, Antigua in Guatemala breathtakingly covers its streets. They begin the preparations weeks in advance and create the most beautiful rugs full of detail and colour using sawdust, pine needles, wood shavings and flowers. If you want colour make sure you don’t miss out on this tradition!

Processions in Peru

In Peru, it’s customary to go to church every day of Holy Week. But, on Maundy Thursday the citizens of Cuzco remember the 1650 earthquake that struck the city, but the Cathedral was spared. Since then, the locals carry their patron saint of Cuzco known as the Lord of the Tremors through the streets. The celebration reaches its climax when they offer a weaved crown to their saint made of Salvia, which was secretly an offering to the pre-Columbian gods when the Spanish arrived in the New World.

Syncretism in Mexico

Do not miss the special festivities for the Tarahumaras or Raramuri indigenous group in the Copper Canyons, in Mexico. This ethnic group has been preserving their traditions for more than 400 years. For them, Holy Week is all about the battle between Good and Evil that marks a kind of New Year. They have processions to the catholic churches and celebrate the catholic traditions in their traditional costumes and music — a true exceptional cross-cultural celebration.

Make sure you talk to our experts and include these celebrations in your itinerary.