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South American Wines: Chile and Argentina

September 24, 2019

Calling all the wine lovers! Have you tasted the South American Wines? We have a couple of ideas that will take you to Argentina and Chile for a delightful glass of wine! We all have tasted a delicious glass of Argentinean Malbec or Chilean Carménère, but South America has more for you. South American wine industry is booming, not only for its signature grapes, but also the amazing architecture of the wineries and the natural landscape.

Wine is such an important product in this area. Argentina is the 5th world´s wine producer followed by Chile on number 9th. Let us tell you about some wine tasting trips to South America.

Wines in Chile

The wine region in Chile starts from Valle del Elqui all the way down to Malleco Valley. With Santiago in the middle, visiting the different wineries in central Chile is easy and doable. Chile produces peppery and earthy Caberent Sauvingnon, but the country is the champion of its signature red Carmenere wine. This grape that was erradicated from France due to a plague and was re-discovered in Chile.

Experience new flavours, aromas and colours with a tasting glass in hand. Enjoy the sights and sounds of these famous vineyards on this tailored itinerary through the neihbouring wine valleys of Santiago.


Argentinean Wines

The most known South American Wine comes from Argentina. This courntry is South America’s largest wine producing country. Its not only famous for its Malbec, but also the high and dry climate of Mendozas’ Cabernet Sauvingnon. But its not all about the reds, they also produce their champion white wine: Torrontes. As the wine production in Argentina grows, new areas further down in Patagonia are creating beautiful Pinot Noir.

There is so much wine to try in Argentina, but why not start by Mendoza and explore the surrounding areas on this crafted itinerary of 5 days.


Keen on trying the South American Wines? Not sure where to start? Why not do both Argeitna and Chile? Contours Travel experts can make it happen. We create a tailored itinerary to take you to the best wineries in South America. Talk to our experts!