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Solo trip: Why you should do it

August 21, 2019

Travelling with family and friends can create incredible memories that bind you forever. But have you recently felt the urge to explore by yourself? Solo-travel can be just as rewarding or more, here are 10 reasons why you should do a solo trip.


1. You will focus more on the destination

You have chosen to do a solo trip to a place where you have been wanting to go for a long time. And now, you can really explore it on your own terms. When we travel with family and friends we focus on their needs and wants first, so on this solo-trip, you can actually focus on the destination.


2. You will meet more locals

Not having your partner around to chat all the time will make you want to engage with other travellers and even better, talk to the locals and learn about their culture more deeply.


3. You will be more at ease if something doesn´t happen the way it should.

Instead of dealing with the stress of the train running late and your family getting frustrated, you will see the glass have full and enjoy the disruption to talk to the people around while you get your plans fixed. When travelling with Contours Travel you can be at ease while we sort your trip out and relax, no need to worry!


4. You can change your plans

From the freedom to choose where to go and how to do it, to the flexibility of changing plans for the next day, you own your time on your trip, so if an evening you decide to check out a museum you just heard about, you don’t need to convince your friend that you can skip the 4th time visit to the same beach.


5. You have total financial control

As well as changing plans anytime, you have the financial control to decide where to spend your money on. Missing a luxurious dinner to rather spend the evening at a football match at la Bombonera, won’t have to be a hassle!


6. You are more open to experiences and people

Rather than having a friend or partner as a buffer between you and the world around you, on your solo trip you will be more than eager to engage with others you don’t know, and to do activities your other half wouldn’t want to do.


7. You will be less likely to put off doing what you want to do.

As there will be no need to discuss with your partner where to have dinner or where to spend the evening, you will be less likely to put off doing what you really want to do.

8. You can have more flexibility with time, not accommodating to peoples schedules.

Still waiting for your partner to get ready? Your children are taking forever at the breakfast table? When you travel solo, you don’t need to wait for anyone but yourself, so if an evening you decide to relax and stay behind at the hotel and take a nap, you are free to do it. Otherwise, you can go explore ASAP without having to drag your kids out of the pool!

9. Solo-travel builds confidence

Didn´t think you would have done a solo-trip before? You get a great sense of achievement when you realize how good is travelling by yourself. When you come back you will feel like no one can stop you from speaking your mind, from deciding what to do and where to go next.

10. You learn more about who you are

The best of the reasons why to do a solo trip: you get to know yourself better. From what interests you, to how you relate to other cultures and how to trust yourself and your gut; solo travelling will build your confidence and trust in yourself.

Why worry on your solo trip when you can have an expert taking care of you? From helping you plan your trip to sorting out any inconvenience, one of our travel expert advisors will make this holiday even more remarkable, just call us in!