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Ciudad Perdida: The ultimate trekking experience

June 17, 2019

Lost in the mountains of Tayrona Park in Colombia, Ciudad Perdida “Lost City” offers travellers a one of a kind experience. This adventure involves a 4 or 5-day journey through the jungle to reach the little-known Ciudad Perdida.

The archaeological site is in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a settlement known as Teyuna. It is believed that was founded about 800 CE, way earlier than Machu Picchu! The City was the region’s political and commercial centre but was abandoned during the Spanish conquest.

The Trek

The trek to Ciudad Perdida requires a good fitness level. The daily treks distance is close to 10 km a day. The route is surrounded by the beautiful Tayrona Park ecosystem, flora and fauna, and the sounds of waterfalls that will soothe your mind while you walk. On this trek, you will see many traditional villages of the koguis and wiwas, descendants of the prehispanic Tayrona people. Ciudad Perdida starts with a 1200 step staircase that leads you into the circular platforms that characterize the ancient city.

Why do we like this trek?

Compared to some other impressive archaeological sites of the world, Ciudad Perdida is not visited by the crowds. Our travel consultant Heather says, “in fact, you will hardly see people!”

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