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Visit the Chocó Rainforest!

June 5, 2019

The Chocó-Manabí Conservation Corridor spans from the south-eastern portion of Panama then along the western fringe of Colombia and Ecuador till the northwest of Peru. It is one of the richest biodiversity hotspots in the world, and home to many unique plant and animal species.

Nature lover behold! As the Chocó region supports around 9,000 vernacular plant species, and 25% of them are found nowhere else in the world. The rainforest also boasts with birdlife, travellers can see some of the 830 species of birds in the region, from which more than 10% are endemic. Endemic mammals (more than 25% of the 235 species) and amphibians (60% of the 350 species) can be spotted while enjoying the trails that the conservation projects have developed.

What is even better, is that you can stay at one of our favourite stays of distinction and a Natural Geographic “Unique Lodges of the World” Mashpi Lodge. What do we love about this place? Not only the cosy and stylish decor of the hotel but also their incredible conservation efforts. Guests learn about the conservation projects that are of great importance for the survival of these ecosystems through energetic treks and walks that offer great scenic beauty full of wildlife encounters. Whether it is a swim in a refreshing waterfall, or a stroll through the tree canopy on a sky bike, travellers will witness the richness of this incredible natural treasure.

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