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Tierra Atacama has launched Ancestral Excursions!

January 31, 2019

In order to strengthen connections with the Atacama community and its traditions, Tierra Atacama -along with Chile’s Foundation for Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Tourism- created these special excursions for travellers interested in getting to know San Pedro de Atacama differently.

Guests now can enjoy four different excursions:

  • Ancestral crops – Toconao: a local guide will lead you into the fruit growing sector to learn about the different crops that grow in the driest of the world. You will also learn about the geology and astronomy of the area and its role in the local culture. Finish the day with a homemade snack done by Sigisfredo, the local guide who also runs a jam and pastry business.
  • Textiles weaved with Cactus Needles – Socaire: travel to Socaire to meet a family of indigenous artisans. They will show us the ancestral process for creating fine textiles from alpaca, llama and lamb’s wool. Led by Ada Cruz, these women will show us how to make your wool pompoms and teach techniques for knitting with cactus needles. Perfect for travellers interested in arts and crafts!
  • Desert flavours– Paths in Coyo: visit an indigenous family’s business and discover their ecological farm. Their restaurant serves local indigenous cuisine, and it has a forest that is inhabited by many bird species and 500-year old trees. We will tour their gardens and learn about their crops and animals before participating in an Andean food tasting. We’ll get to try local delicacies such as Algarrobo bread, guanaco paté, llama meat, goat cheese, toasted maíz, chañar mousse, and ayllu wine.
  • The source – Tulor: explore one of Chile’s oldest archaeological sites, a pre-Columbian village re-discovered by Father Le Paige in 1956. Even though the town is covered in sand, one can still make out the structures which were used by the farmers and shepherds. Two replicas have been built to allow us to imagine how Tulor’s ancient inhabitants lived and practised agriculture, animal farming, basket weaving, and metalwork. Tulor currently features a historical interpretation area to educate about the Atacama culture.

At Tierra Atacama guests combine the active enjoyment of the desert with profound restfulness. Its location presents the beauty of the Altiplano with guided hikes, bikes, and horse rides, to learn more don’t forget to check out our webinar by clicking here!