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Best place to travel in June: Torres del Paine

November 1, 2018

This destination is going to come across as a surprise, but at Contours, we are all about bringing you the best advice regarding where and when you should go to in Latin America. This time, adventure calls making Torres del Paine our picked choice for Best Place to Travel to in June!

Yes, we know what you are thinking: “Has Contours gone crazy? How am I going to go to Torres del Paine in the middle of winter?”. Well, bear with us, and we will tell you extremely valid reasons why is the best time to go.

    1. SNOW – First of all, although summer season in Torres del Paine is stunning, nothing can beat an ice-clad and snow-covered landscape such as the one you will find this time of the year. Although it is cold (maximum of 6ºC and minimum of -7ºC), it is bearable with the appropriate clothing.
    2. AVOID TOURISTS CROWDS – During summertime, crowds of hikers will be exploring with you. Winter time, with fewer travellers, allows you to enjoy an even more exclusive experience in this spectacular national park.
    3. LOW PRICES – Winter is low season in Patagonia, so get ready to take advantage of savings compared with the high season.
    4. ACCOMMODATION – In the past, many hotels inside the park didn’t open during winter. However, because of the high demand all year round, many hotels are fully open during winter.
    5. WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS – Last but not least, you can expect to come across with the untamed puma, foxes, huemul deer, woodpeckers, cougars, and guanacos.

The most important reason of all: Because now you can! Check out this fantastic itinerary Contours Travel prepared for you to enjoy the snowy beauty of winter.

If you feel like you didn’t get enough from a 7-day winter W-trek in Torres del Paine, don’t you worry; there is much more to do in Patagonia. You can add El Calafate & Chalten to your once-in-a-lifetime adventure and discovered what is really like winter in this remote area! Or why not travel to Bariloche in the Lakes district for a ski week.