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Our 7 reasons to visit Patagonia and Antarctica (as soon as possible)

August 16, 2018

We love all things South America. It is home to an incredible array of landscapes, wildlife and amazing experiences. But Patagonia and Antarctica are some of the superstars of this stunning continent. So here are our top 7 reasons why you simply must visit Patagonia and Antarctica. And soon!

1. Avoid the crowds

Let’s be realistic, who likes having to do a queue for hours? Or having selfies sticks everywhere when you are trying to take a photo? Not us! And not our clients! Patagonia and Antarctica are still a destination that the only congestion coming your way are penguins and seals. It is the definition of pristine and for the sake of keeping it that way, the small expedition ships that explore the region carry very limited groups. Lucky you!

2. It doesn’t have to be tough

If your image of Patagonia is just cold hostels, campsites, and tough hikes… please forget about that. Patagonia is also for those who like to travel in style and comfort (and warmth!) as there are plenty of four and five-star options to choose from. No more excuses for not to visit!

3. Bragging rights

Well, you can’t really get any more ‘off the beaten track’ than some of the areas in Patagonia and Antarctica, with Contours Travel, guests are taken to spectacular secret places few visitors know exist. These destinations are undeniably unique and will certainly give you an edge over everyone else’s shots of a European summer.

4. Easy access…

…like never before. It used to take days to get down to the bottom of the world. But that is no longer the case. There are regular direct flights to Santiago, Chile from Sydney and Melbourne. Any more reasons to keep waiting?

5. One-of-a-kind

Every destination has something unique and something that makes them special. But there is something different about visiting the end of the earth. It is isolated, serene, completely open and natural, and gives you an experience you can’t replicate anywhere else. If you’re a travel junkie seeking truly defining travel moments, this is one of them. Plus, it has all the type of expeditions you can think of: from adrenaline addicted thrill seekers to nature-loving birdwatchers there is something literally for everyone.

6. You can (actually) switch off

It’s a blessing and a curse really but that internet connection for your phone is a luxury at the bottom of the world. We’re not talking about your hotel room or expedition ship, but the mountains, national parks, ice cliffs and glaciers aren’t exactly Wi-Fi friendly. This means you can disconnect from the rest of the world and unplug, giving you the chance to really appreciate the breathtaking scenery around

7. It’s more affordable than you think

For most people, the idea of doing a Patagonia/Antarctica adventure is something pushed to retirement when they’re (hopefully) loaded up with spare cash. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With more flights making the region more accessible and affordable, the bottom of the world is open for anyone. And not only that, accommodation is Latin America is even more affordable and luxurious in comparison to Europe or North America. And while there are five-star lodges throughout Patagonia, you can also sleep under one million stars in deluxe camps or glamping tents nestled in the wilderness. If you don’t believe us, contact us for a quote! And see for yourself.