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Celebrate International Beer Day with the best Latin American Beers!

August 3, 2018

Happy International Beer Day! Did you know that one of the most popular phrases that people learn in Spanish is “dos cervezas por favor!” (two beers, please). And if you’re only going to learn a few phrases, we all agree that this is one to remember!

But which beer is the best beer? Well, after a long and heated discussion at Contours Travel headquarters, the team has come up with our guide to the best Latin American beers.

South American Beers

In Chile the most popular beer is Austral, but Kunztmann or Kross are worth seeking out.

Argentina: The ubiquitous Quilmes is found everywhere and is easy to drink and relatively inoffensive. However we prefer the more flavourful beers from Patagonia Brewery. And if you are heading to Bariloche, then there are plenty of micro-breweries to seek out and sample!

Cuzquena is the most popular in Peru but craft brewers Sierra Andina or Zenith definitely make the better beers. In fact, Contours Travel has family connections to Zenith Brewery!! So contact us for a special event or behind the scenes tour!

Club Colombia is probably the best of Colombia’s staple beers. But when you are in Bogota, head to the Bogota Beer Company for a more interesting range of IPA’s, stout and ales.

In Brazil, local brand Brahma is drunk by the litre, but many people rate the Tupiniquim Manjolo Imperial Porter as the best.

And if you are in Ecuador, then you will probably find yourself drinking a Pilsener or two. But seek out Doggerlander Brewing Company if you prefer craft beer flavours.

Mexico & Central American Beers

Mexico has a wide variety of local breweries but a good popular one is Negra Modelo, or Pacifico for a lager. Try Minerva or Cucapa if you can. And Mexicans love beer cocktails! From a salty, lime-juice laden Chelada to the spicy, tomato-based Michelada, these strange yet moreish drinks will certainly whet the appetite!

When in Panama try the rather unimaginatively named Cerveza Panama! However since 2013, Casa Bruja has been serving up artisanal beers to Panamanians and tourists alike.

Costa Rica cements its reputation for sustainability with Imperial beer. The national brewery invests in protecting tropical forests and aids communities with fresh water supplies. So you can feel good about drinking beer, while supporting these green initiatives!

Gallo beer in Guatemala is easily recognisable by the cockerel on the label. And rather amazingly, the brewery dates back to 1896, making it the oldest in Guatemala.

Meanwhile, Toña, the beer of Nicaragua, is light, easy to drink and always served icy cold- perfect for the country’s hot climate.

Do you think of pirates when you hear Caribbean? Well, you are not the only one! Bucanero Fuerte beer in Cuba was named after the pirate legends!

International Beer Day (#intlbeerday) is a global celebration that takes place in pubs and bars around the world. So, why not practice your new Spanish phrase to order a Latin American beer and join the party?