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Chile Tierra Chiloe building

A Taste of Chile in Style

June 18, 2018

If the wonders of Patagonia and Atacama are not enough for the well-travelled, we have a solution: Visit the mystical Island of Chiloe. Its unique folklore, culinary traits and stunning landscape will surely captivate you into a magical world filled with nature and culture.

Chiloé is well known for its colourful wooden churches, which are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The island offers striking landscapes where the adventurous traveller can take one of the many walking and biking routes along the Island for awe-inspiring views. At the end of your busy day, relax at the comforts of Tierra Chiloe.

This distinctive property is perched in a prime position within the Chiloe Archipelago. The lodge, like its’ siblings Tierra Patagonia and Tierra Atacama, is carefully crafted to blend in with the environment. All the interior was made with locally-sourced materials that live in symbiosis with the local traditions.

At Tierra Chiloé, you will be able to enjoy intrepid adventures and cultural activities. As a lesser-known destination, Chiloé Island will offer you the chance to experience Chile out of the mainstream bucket list. So, enjoy the scenery without the crowds and emerge yourself in the natural and magical landscape of Chiloé Island.

Enjoy Chiloé, Atacama, and Patagonia with this splendid program that will enable you to see the best of Chile in style. When booking all three Tierra properties, you will have a free night at The Ritz-Carlton Santiago. As well as one free night in Clos Apalta Residence, in Santa Cruz, where the spectacular Apalta Vineyards sit in the Colchagua Valley. We can extend your trip so you can see more of the bustling city of Santiago; or stay longer at one of Tierras’ properties and get the best perks to make your Chile experience a one of a kind.