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Famil Trip: Emiliana Wineries and Valpariso.

June 15, 2017

Our 2017 Famil group delighted themselves in Santiago learning how to cook some of the local dishes, from there they went on a wine tour to Emiliana in Casablanca. Emiliana creates beautifully organic wines; the group toured the vineyard and learnt about the symbiosis of the different plants on site followed by a wine tasting. They walked the grounds and vineyards and learn about the animals, the soil, the varieties of the grapes and the climate characteristics of the land that are of major importance to the wine making process. Emiliana winery has won the 2016 Vineyard of the year in Chile with their organic and bio-dynamic wines.

In the next days the group headed to Valparaiso where they saw great street art and lots of cute cafes tucked around every corner. After some souvenir shopping they stayed at the historic Casa Higueras hotel and kept enjoying great meals.

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