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Latin America’s Best Restaurants

April 11, 2017

This year’s 50 Best Restaurant List features some Latin American treasures that are setting the pace for the world’s culinary scene. So if you’re heading to Latin America soon, let us arrange a reservation at one of the world’s hottest restaurants! Even better, you’ll be experiencing world-class cuisine for a fraction of the price you would pay in Australia!

#4 Central Lima, Peru

Central takes guests on a culinary expedition through Peru’s diverse landscapes, from the Amazon to Pacific coast. Chef Virgilio Martinez and his team forage in the jungle, desert, mountains and sea to discover diverse local ingredients found at every altitude.

#11 D.O.M Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chef Alex Atala ripped up the rule book in true rock ‘n’ roll style when he set up D.O.M. in 1999. The restaurant fuses fine dining with wild and wonderful ingredients from the Amazon basin.

#12 Quintonil Mexico City, Mexico

Vegetables and greens take centre stage at Quintonil (the name refers to a Mexican herb)! And plenty are picked and served from their nearby garden. In fact, Vallejo and his team keep their carbon footprint so low, most of their ingredients travel just 30 metres from origin to plate.

#13 Maido Lima, Peru

Maido blends the culinary boundaries between Peru and Japan! The Nikkei menu focuses on Japanese flavours and techniques under a distinct Peruvian vision.

#25 Pujol Mexico City, Mexico

Celebrity chef-owner Enrique Olvera takes classic Mexican dishes and gives them his own unique treatment. Using everything from chicatana flying ants to octopus and suckling pig, he brings out all the wonderful flavours of Mexico in fresh and sophisticated ways.

#30 Astrid & Gaston Lima, Peru

This pioneering restaurant is responsible for helping to transform contemporary Peruvian cuisine to what it is today. Named after chef Gaston Acurio and his wife Astrid Gutsche, there are now outposts in Bogota and London.

#36 Borago Santiago, Chile

Chilean chef Rodolfo Guzman has a highly diverse range of landscapes to hunt for unique ingredients! Whether it be wandering the salt flats of the world’s highest desert, the Atacama, looking for native herbs. Or dodging waves and scrambling around the shoreline plucking sea asparagus from the briny rocks. Chile’s diversity never fails to inspire its many top-class chefs.

#43 Biko Mexico City, Mexico

The restaurant has been described as a flavoursome collision between Spain and Mexico. Here, local ingredients and traditional Basque ideas mingle with more contemporary thinking.