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5 Peruvian super foods to include in your daily diet

April 11, 2017

Since pre-Columbian times, Peru’s indigenous population have eaten what today we consider super foods. In fact, Peru is home to a wide variety of healthy food to include in your daily diet. Make sure you get to know some of the amazing wonders and benefits of Peruvian super foods.

  1. Quinoa has become a well known super food for some years now, but the Inca would eat it as a part of their daily diet. They believed that Quinoa boosted the stamina of their warriors, making them better soldiers. Quinoa also has nine essential amino acids, it’s a great source of plant-based protein, high in fibre content and reduces LDL cholesterol levels. And best of all, you can consume it in different ways.
  1. Kiwicha is a less known super food; it has been farmed in Peru for more than 4000 years, and it is precious since It has impressive nutritional value! Only one cup of Kiwicha will provide around 15% of your recommended daily intake of fibre. Is also full of vitamins, specially B Vitamins, and minerals. These vitamins boost metabolism and increase your energy levels. Plus, it is a slow-realise energy source.
  1. Want to strengthen your immune system? Camu camu is the super fruit that is revolutionising health and fitness. It is a wild fruit that can be found in the flooded areas of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. It contains a huge amount of Vitamin C, containing 60 times more natural Vitamin C than an orange. But also, Camu Camu helps promote protein synthesis due to its great source of amino acids like Valine and Leucine, which the body needs but cannot produce by itself. Camu camu has also full of antioxidants, which help fight and prevent cancer.
  1. Lucuma, another Peruvian super fruit favourite. Is packed with beta-carotene; this fruit is great for people lacking trace elements, it contains sodium, magnesium and potassium. For a 100 grams of Lucuma we can have 90mg of calcium that will keep our bones and teeth healthy and strong. This fruit will also keep your skin glowing and beautiful thanks to anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties.
  2. And if you need an overall boost of energy, Maca will be your best friend. This root has been found to balance hormone levels and production and strengthen sperm production, volume and mobility. Maca also enhances libido and athletic ability. It is said that even prevents migraines and headaches; and has been associated with helping with depression. This root grows in high altitudes of the South American mountains and nowadays we can find it in powder source and pills worldwide.

Are you running to your local health store? Or better yet, are you on your way to Peru?